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Bry03cobra said:
Just picked up a white Cervelo R3. Looking to pick up a white saddle to match. Currently using a Selle Italia Flite Gel. Its about 5 years old, been on my last 3 bikes. Fairly happly with it. Only issues is numbness when on a trainer in the winter, and gets a little uncomfortable over 50 miles(most rides I do are 25-40) miles. Thinking maybe I would like the SelleItalia SLR or Specialized Toupe due to the flat/flexing ability of the saddle. Also considering the SelleSanMarco Concor due to the classic shape. Reminds me of the SelleItalia Turbo I used as a teenager. Any input from users of any of these 3 saddles would be great!!!!
I have a white SLR on my Time VXR Proteam and I like it a lot.
The problem is that after about 1500 miles it's no longer white.....more like off white color.
I'll be replacing it with a red one when I wear this one out.
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