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Hi members - See below. For experienced riders of Synapses and SuperSix Evos and others who have gone back and forth between endurance and race rides, respectively, what do you think of this piece from a article (from June 2016)? I'm looking at a potential new ride for the summer and am very impressed with the look and components of the new '17 Evos w/ disc brakes. I thought I might want to step it up to a racier ride and geometry. However, I've always been on the endurance bike side and this that is all I know. Stumbled on this article from, which kind of surprised me. I've always viewed the Evo as super stiff, maybe even more than the Tarmac, Madones, TCR, S5s, etc. Thoughts? I know the geometry of the Evo is still very aero, but is this saying that the entire bike as a whole may be just as comfy as Synapse or close? If so, I'm feeling the Evo a lot more these days. I have experience w/ the synapse by the way.

Additionally, if anyone has any thoughts / experience on the New Roubaix's stiffness (despite the cobble gobblr, future shock, etc.), let me know as well. I like this bike too, but worried if all the new technology makes it less lively.

"Synapse or SuperSix Evo?

Such is the level of comfort and control on offer here, that it has reignited a long-running topic of debate in the office – would you be better off with Cannondale’s multi-award winning endurance Synapse, or its very comfy and controlled race bike, the SuperSix Evo?
Don't say I told you but some in these parts have even questioned why you’d need a Synapse at all when the Evo is pretty much as comfortable and in most respects no less versatile – if you wanted to fit mudguards to either bike they’d have to be the clip-on variety, and if you wanted a slightly more upright position on the Evo - just fit more spacers under the stem, it comes with plenty.
The SuperSix Evo Disc narrows what gap there is between the two bikes even more. The 25mm tubeless tyres contribute to an even smoother ride with bags of grip - and there’s ample clearance to go up to 28mm should you want to. If you were going to buy a Synapse and slam the stem because that was your only option for a performance oriented carbon Cannondale with disc brakes then you should probably be looking at the SuperSix Evo Disc. It's a topic we'll no doubt return to when we get an Evo Disc in for a full review."

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