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Wear it out

hikertoo said:
My new Shimano RS80's are on their way( thanks for hints from this forum) they are replacing Bontrager Race wheels and I should save 14oz for the set, so I was wondering if I should replace the Bontrager Race Lite Hard Case tires at 355gms each....if I went with something like the Conti GP 4000 215gm could save almost 5oz per tire. The Bontrager wheels/tires are currently on my 6 week old Gary Fisher Cronus with less then 500 miles on it. hate to set aside "good" parts...but it sounds like the tire upgrade could be significant as long as I'm not setting myself up for way more flats on the Contis, any thoughts on this?
Presuming you're riding a lot (otherwise why would you be buying new wheels?) then just wear out the old tires. That way you get two upgrades - once with the new wheels and once again with the GP4000 tires. And yes, they are good tires. Get the "all black" tire for the best tread compound.
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