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The Bonti Race Race Lite are nice tires, but they tend to wear out sort of fast. For me anyway.

The Michelin Krylion Carbons wear like iron.

I have Michelin Lithons on my new rig. I don't know they will wear (seem to be holding up o.k.). For the money they are really nice riding tires .

A lot depends on your body weight, type of roads you ride and how often you are willing to part with the green stuff for new tires. There is a compromise. The expensive tires tend to have a softer rubber compound, ride nicer, but wear out faster. Training tires use a harder rubber compound, don't ride as nice, but wear longer.

Bike tires are sort of like saddles. Once you find something you like they will stop making them.

One factor is how much money you want to spend, then go from there. has nice prices. Good selection, no sales tax and ship promptly.

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Specialized's "Armadillo" line of tires is all but indestructible. Check out these:
All Condition Armadillo Elite
All Condition Armadillo

While these may not ride and handle like "race day" tires, they guarantee that your training time is spent training as opposed to practicing roadside flat repair.
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