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I have been mtb racing/riding and road riding for a long.. time and want to try CX racing this fall.

The CX bikes look nice and seem like a good excuse to buy another bike. But i have a hard time understanding why a very nice light HT is as good as a CX bike. That is the weight of a nice HT can easily match most Cross bikes. Even with a suspension fork on the front, a HT built up right weighs sub 20lbs.

Some questions related to the differences:

Is it a CX tradition thing, where CX bikes should have drop bars, road type frames, 700c wheels, etc.?

Are the road drop handlebars better because of aerodynamics? That is, drafting and aero on the flat sections does seem like a factor. But, for me going over anything at all rough is easier with a flat bar with mtb type shifters.

Brakes-mtb disc brakes can be very light and of course work well in the dirt. I see some of the CX bikes actually use disc brakes now.

Do 700c wheels roll over grass, dirt road, typical cross course better than a 26inch mtb wheel? Can't be weight, i.e. my Stan's wheels weigh in at 1300grams, plus light 26" tires that could be used on cross courses are as light as their 700c equivalent.

Is the smaller frame size an issue because you cannot carry it over the obstacles as easy, like i see the CX riders do?

It does seem like the CX bikes can be ridden dirt road/grass/payment with more efficiency. So maybe most CX courses are mostly that? But i have seen many pictures of mud, ice, snow, sand, dips, etc. That type of terrain seems to suit a mtb better.

I was riding behind a rider on a cross bike the other night on a reasonably rough mtb trail and it went over the rough stuff exceedingly well. I suspect that was the rider's skill though. When i have gotten my road bike on a rough road it beat the "H" out of me. But I guess the bigger tires smooth cx bikes out and allow them to ride over rocks, roots, etc. much easier.

I did a search on this subject and found many posts, but most pertained to someone wanting to take a 25lb HT and race cross. I was more curious of comparing a very light responsive HT to a CX bike.
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