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Hey there, Im new to the road (like, still in the womb) and had a couple questions. Shocking, right!? Haha

Anyways, I want to start off by saying that I DID try the search, but after the 2nd page I got a little annoyed with it and thought I would try posting a new thread. Like I said, I am pretty new to road riding. I have not yet owned my own road bike, but I have been on a few rides in the past on my "mother-in-law's" Trek. I, coming from the mountain bike world, am a huge fan of Specialized bikes, and wouldnt mind staying with the brand. If the company has treated me well, and produced awesome mountain bikes that I want to spend my hard earned money on, I see it fit to consider their road bikes as well. Alright, lets get to the good stuff....

I dont know much about road bikes or road components, and I am asking for your advice. Eventually, I want to get into doing triathlons, and will need a bike fit for it. As I understand it, there are different types of bikes or bike set ups for tri racing? Im not too terribly worried about finding a bike fit for tri just yet, but rather I am looking for something to get me in shape, and used to the road feeling. The Allez has caught my eye, and after reading some reviews about it, I think it is safe to say that it isnt a bad bike for the price.

Can you guys suggest anything for me? Is this the wrong bike to look at? Maybe I should start out on a totally different frame? What size frame should I consider, being about 6 foot tall or so? I know the Trek that I rode had to have been way too small for me, but I have no idea what size it is. Maybe thats something I can look into tomorrow. I also plan on heading to my LBS in the next few days to test ride couple bikes, and also asking for their advice too. Is there a certain component group that I should look out for? Sorry for all the questions, but I figure there probably isnt a better way to learn then to ask those that are passionate about it. I know a crap load about MTB stuff, because I live it 24/7 and am passionate about it.

Thanks guys! I know it was long, but I look forward to read your responses and suggestions. Also, any thoughts on the link below?
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