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Hello! A few years ago I moved to Northern California from the Mid-West and caught the road-bike bug. It's bad. This area is just so perfect for riding! Lately I've been getting REALLY into it as a way to get fit (not just save a buck on gas) and have been venturing into more and more challenging rides. I've started riding into the mountains a little more (from the Bay Area flat-lands) and am learning the value of good tires, good brakes, and good technique. Trolling in this forum, I see a lot of people like me and am looking forward to wasting some internet time here in the future!

BTW, here's my (perhaps excessive) stable:

2004 LeMond Buenos Aires
View attachment 280545

1984 Peugeot PH11 (I think...)
View attachment 280543

1997-ish Bianchi Campione d'Italia
View attachment 280547

2007 Scott Speedster S30
View attachment 280548

2005 Cannondale Rush (Pig Bike)
View attachment 280546

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California is God's country for bike riding--you did well to move there.

As far as the stable--when you get into the double digits, then you have a bike problem, IMO.
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