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first, realizing this is a cycling forum, welcome to triathlons....

i mountain biked for fun many years, and got into road cycling 2 years ago because of some cool co-workers who were triathletes (sprint-full ironmans). i had worked up do finishing a few fun centuries and got comfortable enough on the bike to give my buddies a decent workout.

this past fall i started swimming (had zero swim background before) and running again (i ran back in high school and in college/grad school for fitness). used the total immersion program but swam very sporadically maybe 1-2x/week, usually once. built up my swimming to 2x week the past couple of months. i run 2x/week and got my long runs up to and 18miler. all of this of course takes time from cycling. before all this tri training i probably rode 3x/week. it was a major change to be almost exercising every day.

well, yesterday i completed my first triathlon, the california 1/2 ironman at oceanside. it took me about 6hours and i suffered. it was wet and cold, but the finish was sunny. but i started cramping near the end of the swim...felt great the first 25miles of the bike but started cramping and bonking after the first major climb. held it together to finish the bike (and passed a decent number of people), and had both legs fully cramping 1/2mile into the 13.1mile run. after some pretzels, massage, and walking i finally got going again and slow jogged the rest of the way.

i will never have the commitment or time to train for an ironman. i have deep respect for those who do, especially now.

but for next year, i'll try to be more committed to swimming more, creating a bigger base of endurance in all 3 events, doing more "brick" workouts (basically 2 a days, a swim then bike, or a bike ride followed immediately by a run). i did almost no brick workouts.

oh, and i'd do a shorter sprint or olympic first. i had hoped to do one in the fall, but i still couldn't even swim yet!

good luck. it's fun, but it does take away from cycling. you get more upper body mass from the swimming so your cycling power-weight ratio suffers. and running definitely beats you up.

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