Trek Émonda

Trek's lightest ever road bike just got even lighter.​

Trek has released a new generation of its ultralight Émonda road bike line, shaving 50 grams from the previous SLR models. The new Émonda SLR frame slims down to a svelte 640 grams, while the just launched Émonda SLR Disc is also lighter than the previous rim-brake SLR, weighing just 665 grams.


The Émonda, originally released in 2014, utilizes a new carbon layup that helped make the Wisconsin bike maker's lightest bike even lighter. The 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame also enjoys increases in stiffness and compliance.

Trek Émonda

The Émonda now comes in a disc brake version, too.​

Meanwhile, Émonda Disc brings that same performance to riders looking for the advantages of disc brakes. Émonda Disc comes stock with wider 28c tires and provides all-weather braking performance and increased modulation.

Making the bike lighter was the primary goal of Trek's road engineering team, but delivering a stiffer, more responsive bike with the compliance needed for the longest rides was also important. Working with the athletes of Trek-Segafredo during an extensive prototype testing period resulted in size-specific ride-tuned performance that achieved these goals of lower weight, increased stiffness, and better compliance.

Trek Émonda

Alberto Contador and his Trek-Segafredo teammates were instrumental in development of the updated frame.​

And with additional tire clearance, increased stopping power, better braking modulation, and consistent performance in all conditions, Émonda Disc is much more than a race bike. The flat-mount disc brakes found on Émonda are lighter, smaller, and more elegant than previous road bike disc brakes. With Émonda Disc, the world of gravel and adventure riding is now an option for those who prefer the feel of a classic race bike and prioritize weight and ride quality over all else.

For those who ride on the limit but prefer rim brakes, reliable stopping power remains crucial. Émonda SLR features Bontrager's new direct-mount Speed Stop Pro brakes, which are fully tunable, weigh just 95 grams, and can accommodate tire widths up to 28c.

Trek Émonda

The Émonda SLR features Bontrager's new direct-mount Speed Stop Pro brakes, which weigh just 95 grams, and can accommodate tire widths up to 28c.​

New models of Émonda SL pair much of the same technology with 500 Series OCLV Carbon frames while an entirely new Women's model, Émonda SL 5 Women's, has been added to the SL lineup.

Émonda SLR is offered in three models - SLR 9, SLR 8, and SLR 6 - and as a frameset in both H1 and H2 geometries, while Émonda SLR Disc is available in the SLR 8 Disc and SLR 6 Disc models as well as a frameset. Émonda SL now comes in five models - SL 7, SL 6 Pro, SL 6, SL 5, and SL 5 Women's - plus a frameset. Émonda SL Disc is available in SL 7 Disc and SL 6 Disc models.

Trek Émonda

Trek Émonda SLR 9: $10,999.99​

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