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Truing my rear wheel last night, I realized just how bad my hubs have gotten. They’d endured five years of hard riding – including a lot of commuting through all types of weather. They weren’t the best hubs (entry-level Ritchey) to begin with, so I’m thinking it may be time to upgrade.

My plan is to buy a new wheelset and keep the old for bad weather and commuting. I’d like to keep it to about $350’ish. I’ve narrowed my choices to:

- Mavic Ksyrium Equipe
- Easton EA70
- Neuvation M28 Aero3
- Neuvation R28 SL5

So…here come the questions.

Any thoughts/experience on these wheels?
Am I overlooking any wheelsets that should be including in my search?

I weigh in at 185 and do charity and weekend rides for the most part (60-100 miles) with a lot of climbing (Colorado).

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