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I am riding a Felt Z35 with the stock Mavic CXP 22S rims and Felt Hubs. I bought the bike 2nd hand and have pretty much upgraded everything else since buying it. The previous owner was a pretty big guy and I feel like the wheelset has taken a beating.

I was just looking on the BWW website at the Blackset Race Ten Wheel Set that they have on sale for $329.00. Could someone tell me if this would be a significant upgrade? They also have the option of building your own wheelset. Could I build a better set for about the same price? Thats about all the money I have to spend at the moment.

Any other suggestions in that price range?

I am about 180 lbs, 5'10. I ride recreationally, I try to do about 100 miles a week. Typically in 20-30 mile rides. I ride at about an 18.8 mph avg. I thought a little background on my riding habits and size may help with any suggestions.

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