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Hi, I am a bike-building-newbie. Even though this is my first bike-build, I am have ridden bikes for a long time now and usually do my own basic repairs.

I want to build a bike using a PRO-lite frame. I am still going back and forth on alloy/Carbon, but as the alloy is lighter and much cheaper, I think I will choose the Cuneo (Alloy), size 56 and later rebuild it with a carbon frame (Galileo).

Having chosen the frame I should choose the groupset, right?
I want SRAM FORCE. But here I start to get into trouble:

I know that I want a 53/39t chainset, but do I want 170, 172.5, 175 (I am 187 cm and intend to use the bike for >100 K races and some amateur triathlon)?

And how about bottom brackets? How do I know what to choose?
The options are:
1. SRAM BB standard GXP BB90 for TREK frames
2. SRAB BB30 Bearing assembly standard
4. SRAM FORCE GXP english
5. SRAM GXP Standard bearings for press fit (BB83) GIANT/SCOTT Road frames.

Would I have to write to PRO-lite and ask them? Or SRAM maby?

Sincerely yours

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all of the BB options you've listed are for specific BB shell dimensions and threading. So ... the frame's BB shell and how it's threaded will eliminate most of the options, you'll only have one or two choices remaining.
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