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Niagara Falls Via Go Train

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Prior to '08 I took 3 trips to Niagara Falls using the Bike Train service on VIA. I hadn't heard much about the service in subsequent years. A couple of years ago I had heard of GO Transit offering train service to Niagara Falls in the summer months. I thought great, I'll plan another trip. However when I checked GO's website during the spring of last year, it appeared that you took the train to St. Kitts & then transferred to a bus for the remainder of the trip. Seeing that I lost interest.

Imagine my surprise the other night when looking @ the Bike Train webpage. GO offered a service straight thru to Niagara Falls using specially equipped coaches. Apparently this will be the 2nd year of this GO service.

Did anyone use this service last summer and if yes, any comments?
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If you didn't see it already, here is a link with schedules etc - GO Getaway

I thought this had been the case for quite a while now. It goes direct to NF. There is a transfer to go to NOTL. Perhaps you were confused by that?

Can't help otherwise as I live in the Niagara riviera :)
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