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Been traveling a lot, mostly Hong Kong and just came back from a week long Tokyo, HK and back to Shanghai trip. Typhoon impact still a factor as I didn't get in until 1am Saturday. Building staff greeted me with my new pedals, Shimano A520's, one-sided SPD numbers as I was tired of walking around in my road shoes. They're pretty neat, and nicely weighted so finding the one side is pretty easy. Retaped the bars, put on some new tires, Panaracers and 25 in the back, 23 up front courtesy of Chains who's a member of the Shanghai Flying Hairy Legged crew. It's been cool in town and today was perfect for riding with very light breeze and about 80F and the same for humidity. It's only downhill from here. The Merckx EX continues to serve me well after all these years. As for color coordination, it's not like there's a lot of choice in these parts.
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