NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems Launches Lights4Lives Campaign
Company promotes increased daytime cycling visibility and safety

November 2, 2011 (San Diego, CA) - NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems announced its new "Lights4Lives" campaign to promote the importance of daytime visibility for cyclists.

Although cycling lights are common at night and the law, the company is promoting daytime safety. The message has become an important one for the company. VP of Sales and Marketing Mike Ely stated, "After many of our customers have shared stories of close calls or accidents with cars during the day, we started noticing the few cyclists using lights on the popular daytime commute routes were much more visible." The company researched and realized that both automobiles and motorcycles use daytime running lights and there has been a decrease in accidents. "Cyclists invest in safety items such as helmets and brightly colored jerseys, but often don't own lights because they don't ride at night. We want to help bring awareness to the importance of having lights even if you never ride after the sun sets." Ely added.

Current advances in LED lighting technology has brought down the price of sport lighting dramatically while maximizing output. "Our goal is to encourage riders to turn on the lights they have during the day, and if they don't have lights to make a small investment in their overall cycling safety."

NiteRider will be giving away front and rear taillight combo packs every week from the first week of November until March 1st, coinciding with the time change. Log on to or NiteRider's Facebook page for more details.

Source: Emily Miller