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Hello all, I intend to head to the DMV tomorrow and fill out my application for the permit.

First thing is can I take the knowledge/vision test on the same day to kill two birds with one stone (if I can what info can I study online for the test.

Secondly, I'm planning on buying a used 99 Triumph Sprint ST 955 (yes I know, too much power for a newbie but I have been dirt biking for 15 years and know how to handle power / use a clutch). I don't know how I'm supposed to get the bike home as I have no truck / friend who can tow it for me and get the feeling that having it delivered will be expensive. I would just ride it home but I don't have any friends with a motorcycle license.. What should I do just wait wait until I have my license and hope to god it doesn't sell??

Lastly, I have a very busy work schedule and can't make the time for any of the beginner courses that would allow me to pass the road test. How am I supposed to practice if I don't have my bike and I don't know any licensed bikers who can accompany me while I have a permit.

I guess I have all kinds of issues here lol, unless of course somebody here wants to ride around with a beginner for a few weeks lol. (I live in the middlesex area)

edit: of course what I'm asking is for advice on how I should go about preparing for the test.. With no bike and accompanying rider I can't practice, without time I can't take the beginners course.. I only get saturdays and mondays off and these beginner courses run like 8 hours a day 3 days
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