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N. Hollywood, CA
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Got a late start this morning. Can I squeeze in photos, a ride and shopping? Sorry I'm wearing the same clothes as every other post lately...

It was a pleasant overcast quiet morning in North Hollywood. Here's the view looking down the street from our condo. Lots of greenery and flowers in bloom this time of year.

Our favorite - the lovely purple Jacaranda.

Dunno what kind of tree this is, but the bloom is about as large as a liter bottle:

Classic North Hollywood - rusty old El Camino, cacti behind the fence, and a jacaranda up there.

There are some great trees on this street. Forgive me if I gush - it's just that SoCal isn't exactly a green kinda place:

More of those huge creamy tree blooms, and a resident on wheels (another common SoCal thing):

And here we begin our dual theme for the day - blooms and classic cars. A couple bugs sprouting in a yard down our street:

Kind of a shocking orange tree bloom:

Yard sales are a lot more attractive when they're done in front of a stand of bamboo:

In case you're wondering, we're heading south on...

And since this is the city, there's all kinds of stuff along the road:

Lots of nondescript businesses and unidentified buildings. Luckily they're planted:

The only two who ever enjoy this sidewalk cafe - and they're cyclists!

Another classic - perhaps a Chevy Suburban?

We're in the flight path of the Burbank airport. Here's a Southwest flight zooming by:

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