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The guy who owns the Camaro fixed a wiring harness on my old Dodge Dakota last year. I don't miss that pickup one bit.

Dunno if this will ever qualify as a classic, but you sure do see a lot of those extended work vans in SoCal:

Sometimes the little things are what make a place special. I love these spilled blooms on the sidewalks:

Some time I'll treat you to a photo of this sign at night. It's great:

One of many vans for sale here in Van City:


The buff job on this van's hood caught my eye mainly because it echos the mountain skyline on the Nevada license plate:

Yeah I was getting thirsty, but espresso woulda been more tempting. Had to stop at 7-11 to get some backup batteries for the digicam.

Ho hum, another classic at the 7-11:

I don't know what this is about

An old closed up Armenian restaurant built on the site of what might have been an old closed up Texaco station (well maybe not, but the star is close)

Did you say Van City?

Ya can't really escape "the biz" in this town:

A neighborhood landmark

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