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On a previous build I used IRD Metawire brake and shifter cables. I've been very happy with them, but now they are unavailable in the US. The key benefits to me were that the cables didn't kink when tightly looped (I travel with my bike a fair amount and the Metawires were great for not kinking the cables when twisted into tight spots in my bike bag) and the full length sheathing which kept the front and rear derailleur cables clean and smooth shifting after riding in the rain, winter junk, etc.
I am finalizing the build on my new ride and wonder if anyone has any recommendations regarding the effectiveness of Nokons, Aztec Powerlines or Dry Cables in respect to the above desired benefits. I'm certain that the Nokons would be an almost replacement for the Metawires, but am having a hard time swallowing the price tag. Many thanks in advance for the info.


P.S. - The new bike will have S&S couplers. Will the sheathing work with the cable splitters?
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