Northern California 2008 Mount Diablo Hill Climb - This Sunday, June 22

Wells Fargo Racing Team / C4 To Put On Third Annual Individual Uphill Time Trial

Walnut Creek, CA - The Wells Fargo Racing Team (aka Contra Costa Cycling Club / C4), today announced that online registration for the third annual Mount Diablo Hill Climb is open at until 5:00pm PDT. The course begins at the entry kiosk on North Gate Road in Walnut Creek, Northern California and finishes at the ranger residence just before the intersection of North Gate and Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd.

In addition to participation in bike races in California, Nevada and Oregon throughout the year by C4 race squads, the club continues to promote and organize two popular Norcal events each summer: the Mt Diablo Hill Climb individual time trial and Lafayette Downtown Criterium (July 13, 2008). Both events have been successful in past three years in terms of public interest, local community support, rider participation at all levels, and fundraising.

Brian Amador, General Manager of Renaissance ClubSport in Walnut Creek, primary sponsor of the hill climb this year, sees local event sponsorship as a way to give back to the community, as well as promote the ClubSport Hotel and Fitness Resort brand. "Most of our clients spend a significant amount of time on the road, which creates challenges as far getting sufficient exercise and rest, and many are regular guests here. Not only does our location benefit from pleasant community surroundings (the Iron Horse Trail passes right by our doorstep), but association with fitness events serves to identify us as an organization invested in individuals working to maintain their good health."

Shawn Clover, Event Director and long-time member of C4, sees the event as beneficial for racers, members of the community, as well as a way for the club to raise money while promoting its team and event sponsors: "We provide bike racers an exciting stop on the Norcal event calendar; give regional and cycling enthusiasts an opportunity to test themselves in a structured, supportive atmosphere, as well as promote cycling to the broader public. Naturally, this is only possible with generous support from our team and event sponsors, so we strive to provide them as much exposure as possible." Clover added that this type of event can even draw celebrity participation: "This year, former World Mountain Biking Champion Ned Overend is registered to start the event. Participants will have the opportunity to see and rub shoulders with a cycling legend."

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About Contra Costa Cycling Club / Wells Fargo Racing Team
Contra Costa Cycling Club - or "C4" - is a non-profit cycling organization with a strong emphasis on racing at all levels. Based in the San Francisco East Bay, C4 has grown significantly in number,
sponsor support, local presence and race results in just a few short years. Despite this growth, its values have never changed: C4 riders strive to be supportive members of the Northern California cycling community, and to make valuable contributions in the form of mentorship, event organization and structured group rides. Club members range in age from 23 to 55, and compete in road, cyclo-cross, mountain-biking and/or triathlon events. For more information and to see 2008 race results, please visit