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Asked at a LBS about barend-shifters today. No luck, completely unknown in Norway, you can order 10 speed DA shifters but thats overcill for my six speed needs. However I asked about other ancient relics and they told me of a Team Miyata frame that they had not had the guts to throw out when they got rid of the rest of bicycle parts from the eighties. NOS with a lot of shopwear, 56 cc with a very short top tube and an asking price of 65$. I slung it over my shoulder and bicycled home with a frame i am unsure of what to do with. I have an RD and BB Suntour Superbe Pro NIB so maybe I should try for a Suntour bike. By the way can I mate a C-record crank with a 109 mm Superbe bottom bracket? It is not possible to upload photos at the moment so i will try later if anyone wants to see my old Miyata frame.

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That's sweet

That DA groupo is beautiful. I really like the older style logos, especially the crank arms, cable clips, and shifters. Too bad the auction has ended

You need to start by checking rear spacing, although you could get a 126 frame to fit 120 rear hub with spacers and a longer axle.

There was a Suntour Superbe groupo on ebay a week or two ago so they do come up as well. The Suntour groupo has the chic of being no longer available although anyone would take a closer look at that DA stuff.

I had two friends with Miyata's in the late 70's, not top of the line but light and good handling.

Good find. I hope it fits you

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Have a friend with a 83 or 84 team with lots of Shimano AX Dura Ace components. Got the Dyno-Drive cranks and pedals. 6 speed cassette.
I think that they were all blue back then.
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