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Ever had a car accident - you know how they seem to happen in slow motion? Well the same can be said for a spill on your bike.
I've had lots of time to review it in my mind and wonder why I didn't prevent the spill from happening, but it was probably over in two seconds: While digging in for a sprint, my foot jarringly came out of the pedal, the chain came off (or some combination thereof), I lost control and down I went. I hit the pavement hard and have separated my shoulder.
Miraculously, it appears there's not a scratch on the bike, not one scratch. Despite the banged up shoulder, I got back on and the bike seemed to ride okay for the brief time that I was on it before a friend arrived with her car.
But I'm now wondering if I should be checking for cracks or other flaws that might have occured.
Anything an LBS could do here as far as checking the integrity of the cromolly (sp?) steel frame and carbon fork?
Any other thoughts?

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if there are no marks or dents

and the frame is steel you have little to worry about
if you slammed on your shoulder the CF fork is probably fine
no damage to the bar tape or shifters/brakelevers?
then your front end is fine, you took the brunt of it
sorry about the wreck
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