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I'm not sure why I'm even pointing this out but I noticed they went to a Tiagra rear casette on some of their models, including the full 105 and Rival model Tarmacs.

I actually have a new Tiagra, 5700 105 and 6700 Ultegra cassette on hand (trainer, stock wheels, new wheels). While the 6700 is definitely nicer than the 5700...I'd say its probably only a 40% difference between the fit/finish and weight. However, the difference between the 5700 and HG Tiagra is a VERY large jump in quality. First off, the Tiagra cassette weighs in hefty. I don't have a scale but the difference is immediate, the Tiagra weighs quite a bit more than the 105. Second, the fit and finish is rather sub par...far worse than what the 105 offers. Sitting them side by side, again, it is obvious. As far as my personal use of them, I don't care as the Tiagra lives on a designated indoor trainer wheel...but had this come stock I would have been rather disappointed.

I know this is mostly a rambling post but I'm kind of surprised Specialized went with those cassettes. Especially on a kit as nice as a Tarmac.
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