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The weather in Seattle this year has been wetter than usual (no laughing, it's not every year that we have 30 consecutive days of rain!) All that water has created a bumper crop of potholes, some of them doozies that spring up overnight! I hit one a few weeks back and thought I should share.

Cruising down the same old section of road I ride every day, all of a sudden I'm up out of the saddle, doubled over the handlebars, one foot unclipped from the pedal swinging madly in the air as the bike went "ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump" down the hill. When I finally got down off the bars and back onto the saddle I grabbed for the brakes but they were having trouble finding a round part on the rim. Then to add insult to injury, the front tire went flat about 5 seconds before the rear. It was at this point I thought about bailing but had managed to veer squarely into the middle of the road. I thought "@^$#%, that pavement looks hard--and wet!" so I stuck it out. I was heading down into a ravine and was approaching 30mph when the pothole jumped out and grabbed my defenseless wheels, but luckily that meant that the road started to tip up, and I came to a stop. My heart rate was pegged and there was so much adrenaline rushing through my sistem I felt dizzy. I looked at my wheels and both had 12" sections knocked in. No wonder the brakes were useless.

I went back and checked and a 6" deep, 18" long, 12" wide pothole had appeared overnight, exactly in the right tire track of the right lane--where I'd ridden everyday for two weeks.

The good news is the city was out the next day patching it, the bad news is my rainy day wheels for the single speed are shot. I'm going to build up a new rear wheel with a spare Open Pro rim I have lying around, only problem is it's a 32h rim and the hub that was on the deceased wheel is 36h.

Anyone have any suggestions on a reasonably priced 32h flip flop track hub? Or should I really be looking for a 36h rim to rebuild?
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