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I'm betting that many of us have this problem. Personally, I've never had either of my feet go numb, but my hands have been affected. There is a nerve called the Ulnar Nerve that passes through the palm of the hand. Putting pressure on it eventually results in a lack of feeling in the fingers. There are many possible ways to avoid this.
1. change hand positions frequently
2. Get gloves, or good gloves, or better gloves,or gel gloves, etc., etc.
3. Experiment with bar tape. Try some with more cushion...maybe cork, gel, Samsom Fat Wrap, (my fave), double taping the bars.
4. Take a look at the way your bike fits you. Is your saddle way higher than your bars? Do you have to stretch way out to reach the bars?
5. Got an aluminum frame and/or aluminum fork? These are notoriously stiff riding, and are usually, IMO and IME, pretty hard on the hands.
6. Ride on a lot of rough roads, or roads that have been paved with chip 'n seal? They cause a lot of vibration.
7. Got skinny tires? If you're riding 23mm or narrower, you might want to consider trying a wider tire, e.g. 25 or 28mm. These will ride a little softer.
8. Are you riding a touring bike, race bike, or hybrid?

I could go on & on, but I think you probably get the idea. Others will also post with good suggestions. Any of the above / all of the above / any combination of the above can lead to numb hands.

As for the feet...I don't really know. If you're not wearing cycling specific shoes, the pressure on the pedal could be cutting off circulation. Cheap cycling shoes with relatively soft soles might do the same thing. Are you using clipless pedals? Are your shoes too tight? If you're using clips & straps, you might be tightening the straps too much.

Hope this helps you out.
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