San Diego, CA - Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook) today announced that its NuVinci Harmony intelligent drivetrain, the first continuously variable shifting system offering the option of automatic seamless or manual shifting, has won the Bicycle Innovation Award at FietsVAK 2012 show in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The NuVinci Harmony incorporates technology included in NuVinci CVP bicycle drivetrains. The initial commercially available NuVinci drivetrain model won the Bicycle Innovation Award at FietsVAK 2007.

Introduced in 2011 and in production, the NuVinci Harmony intelligent drivetrain is an innovative shifting system leveraging the unique benefits of the NuVinci N360 drivetrain, which can shift through an infinite number of effective drive ratios within its wide 360 percent range - creating a riding experience second to none. The NuVinci CVP is now offered on more than 40 international bicycle brands. The intuitive Harmony system is designed specifically for the fast growing and advancing e-Bike market worldwide. Several large brands have Harmony-equipped e-Bike models under development.

"We are honored to be selected for the Bicycle Innovation Award by the judges at the FietsVAK show," said Jack Brandsen, European Director of Sales and Business Development for Fallbrook's Bicycle Division. "NuVinci Harmony ushers in a paradigm 'shift' by delivering smooth and efficient bicycle shifting to dramatically improve e-Bike performance. Working in conjunction with the NuVinci N360 drivetrain, NuVinci Harmony provides automatic operation for seamless shifting that improves e-Bike range, motor life and overall ride quality."

The NuVinci Harmony system offers a choice of two controller versions - Base and Advanced - to customize the ride for increased comfort, safety and fun.

• The Harmony Base Controller offers a simple push-button controller with three pre-set cadence settings (typically slow - medium - fast) for automatic-only shifting. The system intelligently manages the ride by shifting automatically to maintain the pedal cadence that the rider selects. E-Bike manufacturers will pre-set the cadence choices reflecting the characteristics of their bikes.

• The Harmony Advanced Controller offers both fully automatic and manual shifting options. A button switches between modes. In "Automatic" mode, the Harmony system controller automatically and continuously adjusts the drive ratio to maintain the rider's selected cadence. The rider is able to select and adjust a preferred cadence set point while riding by simply twisting the shifter. In "Manual operation, the riders uses the twist grip to change the specific ratio of the NuVinci CVP. The Harmony Advanced Controller provides an attractive visual display, similar to that of the NuVinci N360 controller, displaying both mode and setting.

Overall, NuVinci technology has won 12 major awards since its introduction in 2007, including an iF Design/EUROBIKE 2011 Award in the Electronic Components/Components category and Bicycling Magazine selected the NuVinci N360 equipped Breezer Uptown infinity as its 2011 Commuter Bike of the Year. The current N360 model incorporates many improvements over the original N170 including a 30% reduction in weight, a 17% reduction in size and a wider ratio range.