Avelino Rivera from Nuvinci shows us the latest internal hub, the N360. The latest model sheds a significant amount of weight while streamlining the internals, removing 180 parts from the previous model.


Nuvinci N360
  • Jamis commuter 4 bike integrates the N360
  • Smooth shifting from Nuvinci system
  • No particular gears
  • Adjust shifter from low end to high end as quickly or slowly as you like
  • Makes for a quiet, smooth ride
  • Low maintenance system
  • Internally geared hub sealed from all elements
  • Not indexed so requires a lot less cable adjustments
  • Easy to use - intuitive and user friendly
  • Available on 2012 models Jamis Commuter 4, Breezer Uptown Infinities, Breezer Beltway, Novara Gotham (Belt Driven Bicycle), Dahon Mu N360 folding bike, Bike Friday Tikit and New World Tourist, and the Brodie E Bike