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Nielly said:
As an alternate climb to Closter Dock try Hillside. It starts a little further south of Closter Dock but curves back over and ends up on 9W not too far from Closter Dock. It's a little longer but it's wider most of the way and a lot less busy.

Or, go all the way into Tenafly, the steepest (although not longest) climb up to 9W should be E. Clinton Avenue.

When I worked in Tenafly and lived in Westchester County, I used to drive over to my gym in Blauvelt and do a quick commute to work (13-15 miles) and then on the way home go up to 9W, south to pick up Henry Hudson Drive and then back north- then down closter dock or north on 9W to piermont and then up ash street, over to tweed (another nice climb), continue straight at the end and back over to 303 and back to my gym. That loop provided some nice climbing.
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