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ping771 said:
Whoops you're talking about a different Old Mountain Rd, which I think is in South Nyack. I'm talking about Old Mountain Rd, which is north of the Runcible Spoon.

I think you guys are confusing Old Mountain Road with Mountain Road.

Of course, now that I think about it, maybe I'm confusing both of these Nyack roads with Mountain Road up in Cornwall (near West Point). Now that is a ***** of a climb, makes both of those Nyack roads look like a tiny roller. Seriously.

[edit: Okay, I looked at a map. You're both right: Old Mountain Road is indeed in Nyack north of the Spoon, goes west from North Broadway towards 9W (but becomes Christian Herald Road before it actually meets 9W). But there's also an Old Mountain Road in South Nyack that goes west from 9W towards South Blvd.

And they're still rollers compared to Mountain Road in Cornwall! (heading south from 218 to 9W)
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