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(Sorry for the cross post, but I thought this belonged in both the racing and beginner's forums)

For you beginner racers out there: The Century Road Club Association in New York puts on racing clinics in Central Park for men and women each year. From the website,
The clinic simulates a real CRCA race, but experienced racers ride with the group and provide on-bike coaching about techniques and tactics. Just like a real race we pin numbers, follow a motor pacer and sprint for prizes. Afterwards, participants gather at the finish line with the coaches to discuss the race in detail and explore what steps they can take next to be a full-fledged racer.
The men's clinic is this Sunday (June 4), women's clinic is in a few weeks (23 June). You can read about previous year's experience in the clinicsout more about the race and register here. Read about other people's experience here
It's been described as "the most fun you can have for $10". Last I checked there were still about 67 (out of 100) spots left. Hope to see everyone at Central Park bright and early this Sunday!
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