New York, NY - NYCeWheels, the premier electric and folding bike retailer, is launching an initiative to promote energy-efficient electric bikes as a reliable method of getting to class this upcoming school year. Instead of using a car or bus, students can use electric bikes to travel the same distance without spending any money on gas or transit fees. With an electric motor, the sweat and strain of a standard pedal-powered bicycle is no longer an issue, and since these electric-powered bikes don't exceed 20 mph, no license is required to ride them. The motive is to help the environment, ease crowded roadways, and help students save money and hassle.

In urban areas like New York City, where NYCeWheels is situated in the Upper East Side, the addition of bike lanes allow for safe bicycle riding through areas that were dangerous only a few years before. An electric bicycle, unlike mopeds or Vespas, can travel in bike lanes and bridge paths where other motor vehicles are prohibited. This advantage makes electric bikes much safer than their gas-powered relatives.

All of the electric bikes sold at NYCeWheels are powered by Lithium-ion batteries. According to shop owner Bert Cebular, the Lithium battery technology is top of the line for these bikes. "Unlike the heavy electric bikes you'll find at Toys R Us or other retail stores, the Lithium-power bikes can travel for twenty miles on a single charge, and weigh an average of fifty pounds. This is a big improvement upon bikes sold only five years ago that needed to be recharged after five miles."

For students traveling to and from class, the twenty mile range is more than enough to span most universities, often several times a day, before they need recharging. How do you recharge an electric bike? Just plug the battery into a small charger, similar to what is used on most laptops. It takes four to six hours to fully charge an electric bike, so most riders let them charge overnight. Because the batteries are the most valuable part of an electric bike, there is a separate key included that locks the battery to the frame of the bike, to prevent theft. On a college campus, an electric bike can be safely locked outside of a classroom building without risking theft of the electric components.

In addition to providing electric bicycles with the initiative, NYCeWheels can also retrofit electric bike motor kits to standard bikes.

"I converted my Bottecchia bike to an electric bike using a BionX motor kit," said David, a prospective college student. "I plan to use it to get around at RPI instead of driving a car." The electric bike conversion kit is a great option for students who have a reliable bicycle already. The BionX electric bike kit includes a replacement motor wheel, a battery, and a digital display console. It can be added to almost any standard bicycle. Though the BionX bike kit can cost as much as a cheap car (around $2000), it is far more reliable, and requires practically no maintenance.

For dorm room storage, there are even folding electric bikes. These are often lighter than most other electric bicycles and can be stored in closets or under a bed.

All of the electric bicycles are available for purchase at the NYCeWheels store location at 1603 York Avenue, which also ships nationwide. Many of the models are also available for test rides. Visit for more information.

About NYCeWheels: NYCeWheels is a retail shop in the Yorkville section of Manhattan's Upper East Side, founded by Bert Cebular in October of 2001. NYCeWheels has evolved as a leader in alternative transportation specializing in portable, healthy and fun products to get around on. Carrying high quality products which have been thoroughly tested and carefully selected by the staff, NYCeWheels strives to continuously learn what is reliable, practical, and effective for commuters and recreational riders alike.