Oakley Jawbone Performance Eyewear Pro Review
  • Available in Vented, Polarized, Photochromic, and Custom
  • Interchangeable nose piece for a customizable fit
  • SWITCHLOCK™ Technology
  • HDO - High Definition Optics
  • Hydrophobic Technology
  • MSRP: $195 - $270

The Oakley Jawbones are the latest performance sunglasses to come out of Foothill Ranch, California to overtake the peloton. If you've watched any racing lately, you probably noticed many of today's top pros are wearing the new sunglasses. Some of these notable pros are US National Champion George Hincapie, sprinter extraordinaire Mark Cavendish, and longtime Oakley athlete Lance Armstrong... have all chosen the Jawbones as their sunglasses of choice while out on the saddle. Lets see why…



First thing you'll notice about the Jawbones is the new radical design. An evolution of the aggressive looking Racing Jackets, it's definitely an innovative look. The Jawbones marquee feature though is what Oaklay is calling Switchlock. The new feature is Oakley's latest lens removal system.


Removal and installation of different lenses is a cinch using this system. Pop up the nose pad, which acts as a lens lock and the lower half of the frame opens up like a "jaw", Jawbone... Once open, the lens is easily removed and another lens of choice can be installed. A small rubber bumper inside the upper frame helps ensure the new lens sits properly.


The rubber piece also acts as part of the "lens suspension system". The lens doesn't actually sit flush with the frame, but rather floats within the frame on the bumpers. This design keeps distortion at a minimal by isolating the lens from compressive stresses allowing for maximum optical clarity.


Other features of the sunglasses include - Hydrophobic coated lenses, which prevent water, oils, dirt, and dust from accumulating on the lens. Every pair, with the exception of the photochromatic styles, comes with two sets of HDO lenses, but other shades and tints are available separately. Two sets of nosepieces are also included for optimal fit.


Conclusion -

After riding the new Jawbones for quite awhile now, in different conditions, we can say these have become our favorite riding sunglasses. The Switchlock system didn't really seem all that appealing to us at first, but after using it to quickly swap out lenses, we're definitely fans now.

The strong aggro look isn't going to agree with everyone, but we came to appreciate it. If for nothing else, it allowed for larger lenses than our next favorite pair of Oakleys, the Radars. You sometimes forget you're wearing sunglasses with the Jawbones because the excellent optics provide so much cover.

The shorter ear stems also equated to a more comfortable fit for us. We did notice the Jawbones do sit a lot closer to the face than the Radars, even with the bigger nose pieces... though this wasn't a deal breaker for us. For those who are concerned, the vented lenses might be the way to go to avoid fogging up the lenses.


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