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Strained coccyx etc etc
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my lovely child, yer evil
i see in your eyes

i know what fly means
it's what keeps my jeans in place
along with my belt

when i read you wrote,
"the foretaste of a new day"
i fell in love. bad.

want to be lucid?
don't repudiate the dark?
i KNOW i love you.

you know not of fly
but, come to america
and i will teach you

live with me and THEY
MB1 will understand
(elevator "THEY")

oh, my dear ana,
your leopard stripe is telling
show us your piercings

call me tomorrow,
PM me on RBR,
or email me, babe

i have one request
if you have tramp stamp tattoo
add my name back there.


-Teh J's

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Check out these Polish "hostesses" that emailed me to offer their services for CeBIT.

username and password are expo2005

Attached message:

Dear Sirs,
We would like to offer you hostesses / Interpreters from POLAND ready to work at the fair in Hannover.

In case you order 6 hostess with communication skills of 2 foreign languages (German and English/Spanish/Italian/French/Russian), the price is 120 Euro (+ Value Added Tax = 22%) / day . We organize transport and accommodation for hostesses without any extra charge.

In case you order 6 models, the price is 160 Euro (+Value Added Tax = 22%) / day

We created an online search engine (Intellichoice), which will help You in finding and ordering selected personnel.

You may search along your own priority criteria. You may find a link to our service at our website:

To enter our search engine, please fill in:

Username: expo2005

Password: expo2005

We would like to ensure You that costs of leasing of temporary workers from Poland (with costs of transport and accommodation) are still much lower than costs of hiring persons from West-European countries.

We will appreciate Your suggestions to our “Intellichoice”.

Best regards,

PGB Human Resources
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