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One of the joys of touring is being out in nature.

Being in the wilderness
as the sun sets and the light fades to bronze and then dark
Shadows of trees, mountains and cacti keep watch around
Stars get brighter and more numerous
Planets, including the planet Pluto, stand out with vivid color
The moon arcs across the sky
Shooting stars streak brightly and fade
Owls, unknown birds, frogs and elk call
Pelicans, hawks, and ravens glide by
Bears wander through with loud heavy steps and a sniffing nose
Sea lions bark, dolphins and whales exhale with force that carries great distances
The clouds, wind, rain, lighting and thunder add to the excitement.


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Very nice; thanks. Though without taking a position on the Pluto-as-planet debate, I will point out that it can't be seen with the naked eye (nor can the much larger and usually closer Neptune, and Uranus only with difficulty in very dark skies).
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