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Official gallery of your Eddy Merckx bike(s)

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It seems every brand specific section has a thread where everyone post a pic of their bikes except this one. So I will start one up here. Let me begin with mine
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Motorola MX Leader

Finally got her done--bit of a hodge podge with Ultegra and Dura ace (don't look TooManyBikes!!), but I went with the traditional Cinelli stem and bars and white tape. Got out for a quick ride today--after two hours on the Strong, I was afraid it would feel sluggish, but a sweet ride. I probably could go a little bigger in the frame, got a lot of post showing, but its a keeper. These aren't the wheels that I am going to use, but i wanted to get out for a spin.

A little embarassed

to put these up after Kolarshooter's majestic "just another Merckx" Telekom, but this is mine. Bought on EBAY early in year-put in a low bid, forgot about it and won!! Figured I missed something in the auction, but as you can see, it's in great shape. My first campy build. Pix kinda suck, and I have changed it a bit (white cloth tape now, looks much better, different wheels) but with 26 inches of snow, I am not taking any pix any time soon, so here it is. I absolutely LOVE the ride, it's one of my favorite's a 57cm.

The first picture

joris said:
Hi MerckxGuys,

Some of my bikes, a real molteni 1972-73, a molteni replica repainted and it will be built up with full campy record, a teveblad teambike, a replica frame from kelme, a brandnew corsa extra never driven, some stradas....

of Joris' bikes is now in my possession (with original fork). It's a beauty of a frame, I am looking to match the paint to fill in a few chips before I build it up. BTW the red in the Merckx color scheme is a very close match to the Competition Red that Serotta uses-you can buy it on their web site.

Great choice for paint Shojii, looks great!!

Don't flatter him

toomanybikes said:

Gee that turned out nice.

Beautiful bike.

I look forward to riding alongside that!!

Would any of my bikes ( or their rider) be worthy?
it just makes him ride faster. Oh allright, it came out OK I guess. It sure looks like it should be left in air conditioned comfort to me tho. :prrr:

How i spent my Sunmmer vacation

THe 7-11 was puchased complete on EBAY earlier in the year, just changed the seat. May put a silver stem on when the tape wears. THe MX Leader was purchased from Wondercycles in Belgium-a reputable and classy guy (goes by Zairebunia on EBAY) whom I previously bought a frame from. I actually missed this auction, noticed the buyer had a bad history, and emailed the seller and said I was ready to act if it fell thru. I got it. Just built it up, Campy mostly nine speed.Few things to do;get a nicer post and saddle, the HS lock nut on the newer campy would not catch the thread on the steerer, so I used an older campy nut. Also have a shimano FD for now, and needs more touch up, and wheel upgrade. I rode the 7-11 a lot (with Toomanybikes) last week and loved it, esp the Dura Ace 8 speed which is awesome. I only got one ride on the MX Leader but it was pretty sweet. I like them both a lot!!

zmudshark said:
Both beautiful bikes, well suited for AZ living. What will you ride in the TdS?
Perhaps one that has not arrived yet, that starts with a D
zmudshark said:
Like you'll have that built in two days, come on...

Wheels and full gruppo? Unless you're riding fixed, I don't think so :D

I'll bet you a loaf of biscotti you'll be on something else!
Whats the big deal? Can use the brakes, BB (maybe), HS bars, throw on the wheels from the MX Leader, good to go. It's nice to have a choice tho if its not ready

What I am riding now

both have fulfilled expectations, and then some. More details on the track/fixie in the Fixie Forum, the SLX is 9 speed Campy Cinelli bars and stem, bontrager seat, open pro wheels.

zmudshark said:
b21, Is the SLX Merckx the one you are thinking about selling?

It's a very nice looking frame, and a team bike to boot. Will you offer it to the forum before you sell on eBay? What are you thinking, price wise, assuming that is the one you're selling?

Beautiful bike, BTW
no i am selling the Telekom, keeping this one.
I would never wheel them through the house

zmudshark said:
Does your wife know you wheeled those bikes through the house to take pictures in the back yard? Does she even know that if you die, she owns those bikes? Have you told her what they are worth, or are you leaving that to 2many after you're gone?:D
I went through the back gate :)ihih: :ihih: ) I am leaving everything to Toomany, not because he can ride them but because he is NICE.:eek:

LLP said:
My another two MXL collection !

Sweetness!! A pair of them!!! A molteni MXL is certainly a great find. Hmmm they look my size, so where do you live?:devil: :devil:

waydownsouth said:
Still a work in progress, but it's taking a while so I thought I had better post a picture. A from Belgium via South Africa Arcobaleno, silver Campy parts (no carbon), generally 9 speed Chorus with Centaur compact crank due to the fact that I live halfway up a pretty steep hill. I'm still looking for a more appropriate seat post (decent silver alloy posts are hard to find in New Zealand) and the (Salsa) bars will be replaced by Cinelli soon. Open Pro rims on Chorus hubs.

The ride is sublime. I had a MX Leader which succumbed to rust a couple of years ago but I'm pretty sure I prefer the ride of the Arco. Not quite as solid feeling laterally as the MXL (not helped by the light but kind of flexy Cinelli Grammo stem) but the larger diameter seat stays make for awesome power transmission to the rear wheel. Climbs and sprints beautifully. Fantastic ride comfort for long days in the saddle. Thanks to all of those on this forum who provided the inspiration to track down a frame and complete the build. Since my MXL died I've tried other materials but nothing rides like a steel Merckx. :thumbsup:
Congrats, nice to see one built up with all the fork issues people had......

boneman said:
Since the original post I've added a Team SC, Genius special and a Corsa 753, one of the rarest of his production.
OMG that 753 is drop dead gorgeous, what a find!!


that is a sweet fade, I really like it A LOT!! One of a kind.

If I were to add another Merckx

Soapy said:
Some fantastic bikes here. Thought it was about time i posted some of mine.
The first is my 10th Anniversay TSX which i have had from new (1990). Its due to be put back in its non-fixed state as soon as I get all the bits together.
The second is my latest toy from the same stable, I just love the way Merckx's ride.

Have also got a Cinelli Team Aliante in Soft-touch yellow from about 1996ish but will post those up elsewhere.
to the collection, I think it would be the 10th anniverary-the pearl is so nice, and you have kept yours in great shape. Pls post again in his geared state.

mrwirey said:
Here is my 1990 10th Anniversary Eddy. I bought if off eBay a couple of years hangs on the wall under my Tommasini Tecno. It has approximately 500 miles on it. I absolutely believe that C-Record was the pinnacle of beauty. Very art deco. If only it had Sherrif Star hubs. Of my steel framed bikes she is not as heavy as my Bottecchia nor is she as light as my Coppi, my Casati, or my Gios all of which have 10 speed Record and Dura Ace drive trains. She is about equal to my Tommasini, which is Record 8 Speed. She is a hoot to ride, but down tube shifters really are old school after living with brifters for so many years. Unfortunately this is one of 21 (yes I am certifiable) bikes so she does not see the road very often, maybe once a year and only on special occasions. I occasionaly think of selling her, but she does look pretty on the wall...
21 bikes. you are my hero, we need more pix of this one, up close and personal, it's a beauty.

LUV the paint on the funny bike, just drop dead perfect.
bikerjulio said:
I'm pleased to present my collection of Eddy's finest from three decades;

first up we have TT Eddy. Believed to be '85 vintage frame built up with '90 era C Record, featuring 180mm cranks, straight block 7 speed, late model shifters and delta brakes. note the number hanger - I think this had to be a custom frame for some big guy.

Next Ti Eddy AX. '95 vintage frame, threadless fork, Centaur group

lastly, blue Eddy team SC from '02. All campy Record, Ambrosio rims
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