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Official gallery of your Eddy Merckx bike(s)

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It seems every brand specific section has a thread where everyone post a pic of their bikes except this one. So I will start one up here. Let me begin with mine
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I'll look out for it too. Do you go out on Saturday mornings? I ride a red Corsa 0.1.
I'll look out for your Merckx at Cafe Racer. I usually ride with a friend who probably owns the only Pegoretti Marcelo in Melbourne.
This is mine, exactly same frame size although I measured 52 x 53.5, close enough I suppose.

Sadly it's up for sale on ebay as I'm studying this year and culling. The Merckx is the most pristine and therefore the easist to sell. I've changed tape colour to white to match the tyres.

I'm heartbroken as it's one of the smoothest bikes I've ridden but I've made my decision.

You should love riding yours. Enjoy.
Beautiful MXL, beautiful colour. I had one of those too but found it too stiff, now I wouldn't mind having again. Where did you get your frame and do you have the fork?

I'm not selling all my bikes. I'm definately keeping my yellow 2004 De Rosa Merak with Chorus and Proton wheels, it's beautiful but I'd never get my money back on it.

I also have an Australian made Hillman 531C tubing, which they built custom for me but gave it a 54.5 tt, so I use a 100mm stem on it, Definately too long, what were they thinking?

I'll save up over the next few years for the dream bike, a Pegoretti Marcelo (if I ever find my size on ebay). Couldn't afford a new one as it would be about $AUD5000.
Gee, I remember when I saw that auction on ebay and TMB bought it. There was a MXL in the exact colour scheme in my size but went for over $2000AUD.

I thought TMB would have kept it for longer than he did.

Shipping from US? How expensive is it!!! I paid over US$600 (then $1000AUD!!!) to get a Peg Marcelo, complete bike, from Austin Texas to Melbourne, Australia. And customs duty too.

Beautiful frame, though. Hope you're in Melb, might see it on Kew Boulevard, Kinglake or Beach Rd.

Where are you in Oz Tinea?
Doesn't look authentic. The decals may be the real thing but that's all. Hope you didn't pay much for it.
I recently bought an old merckx frame on ebay as a project for the next few months. Before I start buying parts and building up the bike, I would like to find out the model and year of the frame.

Any ideas

Hi Richard,

Checked the photos on Flickr.
Doesn't look like an authentic Merckx frame. Look at the fork crown. No offense but I thinks it's a cheap bike with Merckx stickers. Hope you didn't pay too much.

If you're particularly after a Merckx check out photos on this forum and familiarize yourself with what an authentic frame looks like. Usually there are engraved 'Merckx' or 'em' on various parts of the frame, seat stays, fork crowns, brake bridge.

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