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Official gallery of your Eddy Merckx bike(s)

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It seems every brand specific section has a thread where everyone post a pic of their bikes except this one. So I will start one up here. Let me begin with mine
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Merckx Corsa

Not to take anything away from the Professional above

Here's my 1984/85? Merckx Corsa, also in Faema colours

Full Campy Super Record, Regina Hollowpin chain & freewheel, Omega 19 rims, Marwi Ti spokes, Cinelli Gold Plated :cool: stem & Cinelli Criterium bars
KayTee said:
WOW! How long did it take to collect the parts? First gold-plated Cinelli I've seen. It's just awesome - true class act.
Thanks :D

I got the bike mostly complete from evil bay, just added the pedals, new tyres & cables and the panto chainring & levers

Have no idea if the stem was a special or anniversary edition but certainly looks original plating etc

At the local riders cafe on our Beach Rd (very popular riding route) there might be near 200 riders with any number of exotic super bling carbon AUD$10k+ bikes (Colnagos, Bianchi's, Ridleys,Looks, Merckx, BMC's etc) but the 23 year old Merckx gets all the attention :thumbsup:
Corsa Extra - TSX

New find, pre-loved Corsa Extra (TSX) I think '93/94, complete Chorus groupo & Omega 19 rims, to go with my '84 Corsa (Faema)
new2steel said:
Got her all cleaned up and upgraded some parts. What's left of the original specs are the brake calipers, cranks, handlebar,seatpost and f.deraileur. Any ideas what year is this model? Got it from a friend a few months ago.
Have a look underneath the Bottom Bracket and then refer to:
ShortNFast said:
Just curious as to year made on the bike. You can always e-mail Gita who can help identify the year of production for you.

The serial numbers on my Corsa Extra (TSX) indicate '93/94 however the original owner that I bought the bike from says he got it in '96 I suspect that the shop had the bike for a good 18 months
new2steel said:
Checked the bottom bracket and it says A0X2357C. I will try to email Gita. I guess its a size 50 and 90-91model ? :idea: .
Judging by the serial number I would agree that its a 50cm 90/91 Corsa Extra
Thats a great looking Merckx, might see you on Beach rd sometime with one of my Merckx
1 - 7 of 611 Posts
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