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Official gallery of your Eddy Merckx bike(s)

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It seems every brand specific section has a thread where everyone post a pic of their bikes except this one. So I will start one up here. Let me begin with mine
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I've just bought a Merckx Ti on eBay. Got sausaged on the exchange rate and freight but we live and learn. It's in very average condition but it is to be a project bike and will be completely rebuilt as funds allow :) Could you please e-mail me a set of photos and any info including details of the fork options. I'm in Australia and Merckx isn't a well supported marque locally. Thanks, Clayton E: [email protected]
We've been and are neglected by the people at Eddy Merckx in Australia. We don't currently have a distributor/agent and Bruno at EM won't deal directly with our shops. There have been two great NOS EM listed through eBay in the last six months, the better of the two, a MXL in Molteni Orange sold for $2025 whilst there is a SLX in Motorola livery that has been listed and relisted for some time. Maybe its a little expensive but it it rare and NOS and there's no huge shipping or duty to be paid. Other than that just keep your eye open for something in the right size and be prepared to have it "freshened up" by a professional frame painter. If you're going to buy from overseas be sure to buy a frame and not a bike as the postage increases significantly.
Nice frame, it's a Merckx! You've gotta go with Campag, changing the freehub body isn't that difficult or expensive. Consider a 2009 Centaur Group but try to buy it without cassette and chain. Swap the cheap black chainrings out for 2007 Centaur chainrings and use a Chorus 10-speed cassette and chain. You'll be getting a lot of bang for your buck.... NB: I like the silver brakes but if you want black you can use Veloce Skeleton and just upgrade the brake pads. In 10 years time you'll still have a Merckx with Campag that's gotta be better than a bike with ShimaNO or Sram. I have done the same build on a 1XM.
maym036 you have purchase a real beauty, I'm sure you'll ride it and enjoy it but also maintain it so you'll be able to pass it on in your Will to your kids! So make us all envious, how did you come across such a beauty and how much did you pay? FYI, if you want matching EM cages they're cheaper on line from Bums on Bikes in Australia who have them on sale (EM importer 2007-2009 clearing out) that 2nd hand on eBay.
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