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Official gallery of your Eddy Merckx bike(s)

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It seems every brand specific section has a thread where everyone post a pic of their bikes except this one. So I will start one up here. Let me begin with mine
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Some fantastic bikes here. Thought it was about time i posted some of mine.
The first is my 10th Anniversay TSX which i have had from new (1990). Its due to be put back in its non-fixed state as soon as I get all the bits together.
The second is my latest toy from the same stable, I just love the way Merckx's ride.

Have also got a Cinelli Team Aliante in Soft-touch yellow from about 1996ish but will post those up elsewhere.

Just finished restoring my Tsx.
Here's a few pics
Thanks for the comments guys,

The Tsx is a 52cm, not currently for sale ;) its just too pretty to look at.
The stem is an old quill Control Tech which are renowned for slipping down the quill over time, so I custom made a spacer to go between the stem and the headset. Looks alot better with it.

Out of interest, how much would this sell for State side? (im in the UK)

Yes, the frame is TSX, you will also notice that there is no chrome on the stays either. I too have never seen another like this.
I am the original owner and purchased from new in early 1990 in the UK.

For your info, the frame number is:

Drive side: L Non Drive: C
2TT 2380
1 - 7 of 611 Posts
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