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Official gallery of your Eddy Merckx bike(s)

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It seems every brand specific section has a thread where everyone post a pic of their bikes except this one. So I will start one up here. Let me begin with mine
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Soapy said:
Just finished restoring my Tsx.
Here's a few pics
wow, absolutely jaw dropping. what size is it? 52cm.

If you don't mind me saying, if it is a 52 or 53 and you ever want to sell, please let me know.
Corsa 01

52cm ctc seat, 54cm ctc top tube
build is mostly ultegra with open pro wheels and conti 4 season tires 700x25c. DA shifters and Ritchey crank 50/34. Cinelli X/A stem 130cm and Cinelli Criterium 65-44 bars. Regal saddle. The color is an italian race red with some orange in it. My camera makes it look more pale than it is in person. The lettering is a silver/white to blue fade.
if you can don't sell all your stuff. Keep at least one bike. I speak from my past. I stopped racing when I went to college in 1993 and sold my stuff to pay for school and flying lessons. I wish I had kept at least one of my old racing bikes (see cannondale forum pics).

And yes for the record the tt on the 52cm is more like a 53.5. My tape measure shows a bit longer than 53.5 though that's why I put 54cm.

Good luck with the studies.
here is a pic of my NOS 52cm MX Leader Frame. I think it is a 1996 or 98 frame. I bought it back in 2006 and have it stored in a nice dry place at my parents house. I saving it for later in life to build and ride.
it's good to hear your not selling the lot. Yes I have the matching fork for the MXL. I got the frame in Jan06 from BTW the marcelo is an awsome bike from what i hear.
52cm Merckx Leader

here is my 52cm Leader (aluminum) with ultegra. It is now stripped and hanging at my parents house in PA and the ultegra is on my Caad9 c-dale (see c-dale pics forum). I have a centaur group for this Merckx (also stored at my parents home) that i am going to build the frame with. below it is a pic of an old viner I had that has the centaur group i'm going to put on the leader.
some Merckx frames hanging in the basement waiting builds

52cm corsa extra
52cm merckx mxl
50cm merckx leader (also have a 52cm pic'd above)
the 2 other frames hanging are custom Dreesens (built in Pottstown, PA) track and road. The track is inch and 3/8's OS steel lugged. Can't wait to move back to PA and build that bike up for t-town. the bottom is an old Guerciotti SL tubing I sold last year.

what size is that corsa. I love the flat crown fork.

nice TSX, what size is it, 54cm ctc?
Wines of WA said:
Here's my 2002 Team SC, 58 cm with "Freddy" paint job. I also have a ti 2003 Millenium 3 waiting in the wings for this frame to break.

Wines of WA,
Love that "freddy" paint. "break" a team SC??? Not from what I hear. In fact I've never been told of or seen a merckx of any model crack/break. (except for a Team Kodak Premium (scandium) that was crunched in a crit crash (Athens, GA crit).
I love that blue in the steel merckx above.

Here is my reborn Leader (Easton 7000 series al, 2003 or 04?, 52cm). It will be my everyday road bike (all around race/train). I've ridden/owned an MXL, team sc, corsa extra and corsa 01. I was/am supprised that I like this one the best. (not that any were bad) If anyone knows of a NOS 52cm Leader around let me know I'd like to put one away if i can find one.

build: open pro rims, ultegra hubs, conti 4 season tires, ultegra parts except Ritchey crank, ritchey stem/bars/post, look ols style pedals.
ronderman, nice bike. I have a race and leader and like them both. What don't you like about the Ultegra 6700?
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