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Official gallery of your Eddy Merckx bike(s)

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It seems every brand specific section has a thread where everyone post a pic of their bikes except this one. So I will start one up here. Let me begin with mine
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1990 Corsa w/ Team Motorola Livery

This is my baby (although a bit too tall for me :cryin: )

I have e-mailed the Merckx Factory and they confirmed that it is a 1990 Corsa. I bought it used in 1996, as a training tool (I'm really a mountain biker :D )

In a vain attempt to make the bike seem smaller, I updated the stem to a shorter one, in the process, adding a carbon fork and new bars.

One thing that I've always wondered about is, how many Team Motorola bikes did Gita import? Just curious...

This will probably go up for sale in the VERY near future, so pay attention to the classifieds...

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1 - 1 of 611 Posts
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