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How much do you use your trainer?

I do not too regularly, but when I do, after only a few hours, the rear tire becomes a melted mess.

I have a wheel with a worn brake surface, and a worn out cassette that the common gears I use skip on, and an old tire in the basement. Why use up perfectly good stuff?

cdhbrad said:
I fail to understand all this concern about having a "trainer wheel" or special tires for a trainer. I use whatever wheel/tire is on my bike for trainer rides. Granted, I don't keep my carbon tubulars on the bike all the time so I don't use those but anything else has always been OK for me.

That said, I wouldn't use a wheel with a broken spoke flange any longer than it took me to ride it home, take it off my bike, and replace with another wheel. However, its your bike, your trainer, so do what you feel is best.
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