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In the late eighties (I believe), I purchased a Lotus bicycle from Sears. It was Teal, and the Lotus on the downtube had a pink flower in it (I believe the middle). The shifters weren't on the downtube if I recall correctly.
From a google search, it came up as made by Tsunoda or Tsunodo bicycles out of Japan. I'm interested in finding out what size Sears sold, and what the geometry was like.
Searches of pictures on the net only show a black model that's closest to what I've had. I let my mother get rid of it when she moved out of her house, thinking since it was so old it wouldn't be any good anymore. My new bike doesn't fit me anywhere near as good as that one did. So I'm hoping to find something that's similar size.
EDIT: Yes, this was a road bike, 14 speed white seat and bar tape from my memory.
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