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I went through this process when I bought a road bike in January. Long-time MTB'er - wanting to see how the other half lives.

For myself, I ended up with a closeout '05 Specialized Roubaix (105/Ultegra for $1050). It's a triple & I've been disappointed with the front shifting. If you can get the same range in a compact double, I'd recommend it over the 105-level triple.

I, too was tempted by the bikesdirect offerings & have the good fortune to be right down the street from a Cycle Spectrum (same parent company) - so I actually got to test ride the Windsor & Motobecane bikes I saw online. Long story short - nice bikes, but horrible fit for me.

After testing the OCR1, my mind was made up - the compact frame geometry was much more comfortable to me than classic geometry. It was a real toss-up between the OCR1 & the Roubaix, but I'm shallow & went for the one that was purty.

One word of warning: Expect that 70% trails figure to dwindle precipitously. The speed is unbelievably addictive - combine that with the convenience of not having to "go somewhere" to ride - has cut my singletrack outings from 3/week to 2/month. It'll come back - I hope. Maybe I need to start looking for a new MTB?
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