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I've come to the conclusion that the retro commute/tour bike could be more comfortable and efficient with a longer stem. It is a 10cm, I'm looking to get a 12. 25.4mm bars. I called one of my best sources for old parts today, unsure if he has one, I am 1 hour+ away from his shop anyway, he wants $15 for a stem. Am looking at the Nitto Technomic in the event that I can't find one local, I know they are long necks, took some measurements and it should be usable. They probably are a top notch stem since Rivendell sells them. Anyone have a stem in this size they would part with? My thinking is I am not going to look real hard for this stem, i would spend the difference ($15 my source+gas and time) than I would spend buying new($39+shipping).
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