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For about a week now, OLN has been AWOL from my RCN cable service. When I try to go to it, I get the "This channel will be available shortly" message for about 5 seconds, then it goes on to the next channel up or down.

I've talked to customer service, and they say they haven't heard anything about an issue with that channel, and they've tried a couple of different reset routines on my cable box. Still nothing.

I'm thinking this may not be just me, and don't really want to have to deal with an inept RCN technician coming around to my house. I know what he'll do--blame the installation because I did it (even though every other channel works), and/or give me the defective box he picked up from his last appointment, then not check to see the channel's working before he leaves.

So, is anyone else having this problem? Particularly in the Montgomery Co. MD or DC area?
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