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Anyone interested in a men’s Olympic RR fantasy contest? The only prize on offer is glory, but I’ll score it if people play (and the number of participants doesn’t get too big). Here are the rules I’m proposing:

1. Your team consists of 5 riders.
2. Your riders should be numbered 1-5 in the order you think they will finish in the race.
3. You score points for every rider on your team that finishes in the top 5.
4. The number of points you score for each rider in the top 5 depends on how high the rider finishes (the basic score) and how close his finish is to your predicted finish (the prediction bonus).
5. The gold medal winner gets you a basic score of 100, silver 80, bronze 60, 4th place 40, and 5th place 20.
6. The prediction bonus is 20 points for a dead-on prediction, with that amount dropping by 5 points for every place you are off in your prediction for that rider.

For example, if Valverde wins, your basic score is 100. You get an additional 20 point prediction bonus because Valverde finished where you said he would for a total of 120. If he wins and you had him rated #5 on your team, you get only your basic score of 100. Similarly, if Rebellin finishes 3rd and you had him rated #1 on your team, you get 60 plus 10 for a total of 70 points. If you had him rated #5 on your team, you get the same score.

Reply if you’re interested, and if it looks like enough people are, I’ll start a new thread where people can name their teams. Teams not named at least 4 hours before the race begins will not be scored.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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