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I've begun to notice a new sub culture of people, Bike Routing Nomads. Like historical nomads we are moving from location to location to take advantage of the environmental benefits of certain places.

I've started to see the same route, by the same poster on multiple mapping sites.
People are moving around to different routing sites because some of implemented features they want and then exporting the route and moving it over to another site to use a different feature that the other site is good at.

You'd have to be one of the Nomads to notice, so I guess I'm a member.
I thought it might be good for us nomads to list the features they are finding at different sites that they export to get at.
I'll start with mine:
Bikely: Route Tour feature, custom cue sheet creation, wide range of TAG attributes
BikeMap.Net: On map route locating and route printing
Routeslip: Ride log on a route
MapMyRide: Automatic cue sheet creation

I would be interested to hear what other Bike Route Nomads have to say about where to find the "Good Stuff".


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I'm one of those Nomads and you've pretty much hit all the key points that I can think of. I've been using bikely the most due to its ease of operation IMO, but definitely like the automatic que sheets of mapmyride.
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