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I am about to purchase some Assos bib shorts, however, I am having a hard time figuring out which size to get. I cannot find any of the bibs other than a sprinkling of last years versions locally and one of the versions I'm interested in, no one stocks locally. I am 5'6", 34 waist, 165 lbs. (will be down to 160 lbs. as the season progresses), age 55 so no snide remarks about my height/weight ratio...ok maybe just a few snide remarks. Anyway, I cannot justify the expense of the top of the line F.I. 13 S5 bibs though I managed to find last year's product, the medium was very snug, the large much more comfortable. I'm deciding between the F.I. Mille S5 which I also found last year's model, in this one the medium was less snug and I probably would be ok in that size. The model I'm most interested in because of price and the need to buy at least 2-3 of them is the F.I. Uno S5. Can anyone tell me how they fit compared to the Mille or the F.I. 13, in other words are they very tight like the 13 or a bit more forgiving like the Mille. I am aware that all of Assos bibs pull a bit on the shoulders while standing but are cut for over the bike positioning. I've also noticed that different websites like Competitive Cyclist/Colorado Cyclist/Excelsports have different size charts for Assos. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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