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Gnarly 928 said:
Is it Sean Kelly? With the monotone? He is difficult to listen to with his 'matter of fact' delivery..."Oh, look, a rockslide just closed the road!" says the other guy, and Kelly responds.... "well yes and the peloton will have to wait a few days while they clear it off. and frank schleck looks pretty strong. with his brother gone, he will....blah blah blah"

I noticed, also, that the two commentators rarely mention Tom Danielson, though he seems to always be there and he is top ten in the GC.. He musta pissed someone off, or maybe Vaughters did...

Excellent to see ole Cancillara shred the peloton just now on a climb, even though he is hours back on GC, he get's The Call, and puts out..
The guys at British Eurosport may have a monotone at times, but at least they are cyclists and know the names of the guys in the race and know about bike racing. As opposed to tools over at Universal Sports who only know about 5 riders names, and guess at everyone else...and can only point out the excessively obvious.
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